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A static website simply delivers information to the point without any bells and whistles. The Page design is not complex and there is less two interaction where user can also update his information. This is the simplest and easiest way to represent webpages on internet globally.

A Website which is easy to design and maintain -written in Simple codes .we need to have Knowledge of Web programming for making any changes. A Static Website is simplest way of representation of your Business online. These websites have Catalog or Brochure like structure which is easy to understand and represent. Static designed websites are mainly good for small Business or where the maintenance is less. The Cost of static websites is also very less depending upon the complexities of the site.

we can present our products globally in simple methods.

  • The page size of these websites is small but will vary depending upon the Graphical Content.
  • Due to Simple Structure, these sites loads faster than another sites.
  • It takes very Space and Processing which further increases the speed of the Site loading.
  • SEO and Traffic handling is easy for static sites.
  • Less Chances of hacking and Low risks of security is on Static Websites.

You can Completely Change the Look and Feel of your Site.

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